Julian Jenson

Pianist and Pedagogue

Julian Jenson in a tuxedo ready for a performance.

Julian Jenson began conducting and piano lessons at an early age. Since those days, he has toured the world as an accomplished performer and passionate music teacher with the purpose to use music to improve the community and the world.

Today, he maintains an active piano studio and tutoring base, helping students of all ages reach their fullest potential in music.

Julian Jenson analyzing and preparing worksheet for theory students.


What can I do for you:

Piano Accompaniment
  • ♪ Rehearsal tracks
  • ♪ Diction coachings
  • ♪ Recordings
  • ♪ Performances
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Music Theory Tutoring
  • ♪ Online review classes
  • ♪ Lectures
  • ♪ Practice sheets
  • ♪ Rigorous review
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Private Piano Lessons
  • ♪ Online Lessons
  • ♪ Studio class performances
  • ♪ Virtual recital opportunities
  • ♪ Holistic Approach
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